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Bostik Sealants
Bostik Sealants
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Bostik Sealants

Urethane and Hybrid sealants for construction and industry. Contact us for advice on the appropriate product for your application. Bostik Construction Products

Bostik 915: Construction grade urethane sealant. It is the urethane we most commonly sell to commercial contractors. Meets ASTM C-920, Type S, Grade NS Class 35, Use NT; US Federal Specification TT-SS-0023OC, Type II Class A. Technical Data Sheet

Bostik 900: Premium Urethane Sealant for perimeter sealing windows and doors, vertical expansion and control joints in concrete. It bonds to most common building substrates. Technical Data Sheet

Bostik 2000: Is a one-component advanced hybrid sealant. It is non-yellowing with long lasting elastomeric properties. Download Technical Data Sheet

Bostik 1100: One-part fast setting urethane sealant commonly used in the manufacturing of RVs, truck bodies and trailers. Technical Data Sheet

Bostik Marine Grade Sealants: One-part fast setting sealents in a variety of chemistries for sealing above and below the water line. Download Marine Products Brochure

Bostik Sealants for Industry: Products designed for sealing and adhering applications in the transportation industry. Including; side panel assembly, glass mounting, subfloor construction, and molding and trim attachment. Download Industrial Brochure PDF

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GE Sealants
GE Sealants
Empire State Building newly sealed with GE SCS 9000
GE Distributor

GE Silicone Building Sealants

SilPruf SCS2000: The workhorse of the glazing industry. A high-performance silicone sealant for use as a weatherseal in both conventional and structural glazing applications. It will provide weatherproof adhesion to most common building substrates. A tooling time of 30 minutes ensures easy application. It has been used as a weather seal in building and curtainwall joints since 1974. It is available in a variety of packaging and can be provided in custom color matches. +-50% Movement Capability. Technical Data Sheet

SilPruf NB SCS9000: A new generation of silicone sealant specifically formulated to reduce dirt pick-up and surface streaking. It is designed not to stain porous stone materials such as marble, granite and limestone. It is the architect’s product of choice for visually significant buildings. +-50% Movement Capability. Technical Data Sheet

SilPruf LM SCS 2700: Low modulus silicone sealant for use on EIFS systems, concrete, and metal. Matte finish. +100% / -50% Movement Capability. Technical Data Sheet

GE SWS: Neutral Cure, Economical Silicone Building Sealant priced to compete with urethane based products while providing the superior performance of silicone. +-35% Movement Capability. Technical Data Sheet

SilGlaze II SCS2800: Neutral, fast curing technology that results in excellent adhesion to wood, vinyl, glass, aluminum, kynar resin based paint finishes, and PVC. Works well with automated glazing equipment (6-12 minute tool time). +-25% Joint Movement. Technical Data Sheet

Contractors SCS1000: Acetoxy cure basic silicone sealant for ceramic tile, tubs, spas, plumbing fixtures and metals. +-25% Joint Movement.Technical Data Sheet


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